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Kinesiology/Kinesio Tapes - Neuromuscular Band

Kinesiology/Kinesio Tapes - Neuromuscular Band

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Kinesiology/Kinesio Tapes - Neuromuscular Band

Tapes for muscle recovery in cotton and polyurethane, hypoallergenic materials, latex-free and resistant to contact with water. They were specially developed for the treatment of injuries in athletes and other people with physical disorders.

The kinesio bands are properly placed on the muscle, tensioning and slightly elevating the skin in order to improve local circulation and drainage in the tissues to achieve a reduction in tension and pain.

The neuromuscular band is for preventive and therapeutic use for practitioners of any sporting modality and also for the treatment of everyday pain, such as: back pain, tendinitis, joint pain and edema.


  • QUALITY MATERIALS: Made of cotton and polyurethane, hypoallergenic and latex-free materials that do not cause skin irritation. They keep your skin dry thanks to their breathability.
  • THERAPEUTIC: Tapes should be applied by slightly lifting or stretching the skin. In this way, local circulation is improved, tissue drainage decreases and tension decreases, which helps to increase the range of muscle movement.
  • MEASUREMENTS: Each roll measures 5 centimeters wide by 5 meters in total length. Its method of use is by fixing it with the medical adhesive (incorporated) on the affected area.

Features of Muscle Rehabilitation Tapes:

  • Measurements: 5 cm x 5 m
  • Hypoallergenic - Latex free

Benefits of Neuromuscular Tape

  • Improves circulation, provides tissue drainage and increases range of muscle movement.
  • Ideal for people who practice any sport